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Well…it’s happening!

The Beach Buggies concept is actually coming alive and I just cannot believe it. I truly thought it was just a conversation that I had on the beach that day. Looking back, I realize I was talking with motivated and hard-working people. I really should not be surprised those people turned out to be the members on the founding team during this start-up adventure. Adventure is really the perfect word to describe the past 9 months, as it defined by Google as “An unusual and exciting, typically hazardous, experience or activity”. Now granted none of the business preparation has been hazardous, it has certainly, and more importantly, been highly unusual and exciting. I have found it incredible how the Beach Buggies Team has been moving forward, accomplishing task after task while working through all of the obstacles along the way. Having responsibility in the area of business operations has been nothing but exhilarating, as the result of much of this work will be the face to our customers. Beach Buggies has given me the opportunity to let my mind and creativity mesh with my largest driving passion, innovation. I have found myself constantly saying, “Woah! How cool would this be…” and then going into a crazy thought that I never saw coming alive, but as it happened with the business as a whole, “crazy ideas” turned into reality. I cannot wait to see what “crazy idea”, or should I say realities, lie ahead.

~ Zach Pashko, Co-Founder

6 Responses

  1. Bruce Pashko says:

    The site looks great!!!

  2. Randi says:

    So excited. Congratulations and can’t wait to “RIDE THE BUGGY”.

  3. nancy says:

    what a fabulous idea!! let me know when you are in ocmd!!!

  4. Sandy says:

    What a difference a day makes. The web site is amazing!

  5. Donald says:

    Wow, incredible entrepreneurial skills!

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