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Beach Concierge Services at Margate, Longport and Ventnor.

Beach Buggies membership concierge services provide rides, food delivery, beach set up and other hospitality services at a variety of beach communities in New Jersey.  Our commitment is to you, our members, to make your shore experience better than ever.

Beach Buggies Service Menu

Rides – One-way trips anywhere in Longport, Margate & Ventnor.  Great for the beach, restaurants, or a late night snack – 2 points/person

Convenience Trips – Round trip option for quick pick ups or multi stop trips.  Great for Wawa, Coolers, and Bathroom Breaks – 3 points/person

Deliveries – Pre Packaged or Custom orders. Bagels, Coffee, Groceries, Food, or Personal items – 3 points

Beach Setups – Our Beach Buddies will take your beach equipment to the beach, set it up, break it down, and bring it home so you don’t have to –  2 points/item

Charters – Rent our buggies by the hour with a driver to take you wherever you want. Great for Parties, Tours, and Personal enjoyment – 25 points/hour

Towel Service – Clean, fresh towels delivered to your doorstep and picked up when they are dirty  - 1 point/towel

Trash Removal – Our Beach Buddies will take your trash out on trash day and replace your bins to avoid fines – 7 points/week

 PrintableSerivceMenuDo you want to become a member?  Membership gives the whole family access to our services.  Membership packages  come with complimentary forever points to fit our each of our members initial needs.  Additional points are available, which can then be added to membership accounts as needed. Purchase membership here or call us at 609-362-BUGY (609-362-2849) to discuss your questions and membership costs.




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