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Beach Buggies – Convenience Trips

Simplify the quick trips that we all make around town

Bathroom Break –  Stop worrying when your on the beach.  Now a quick call and beach buggies will make your trip 10 times faster, a whole lot more fun, and most of all stress free.

Midnight Snack – Do you ever have a craving for Ice Cream?  We can satisfy your sweet tooth!  Great for teens and tweens.

Bagels/Coffee - Pick up bagels at HOT Bagels or Coffee at Starbucks with easy.

Whether to your going to Wawa, CVS, or the JCC.  This round trip service gives you a few minutes to take care of business before heading back or continuing on your trip. You know parking is a pain and its even worse when you are just making a quick stop. Leave the parking to us and make your quick stop truly quick.


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